At Kain & Ball, we are always open to receiving applications from bright, enthusiastic candidates who want to join our team.Please send your resume and cover letter to:

As many of our articling students and associates began their legal careers at Kain & Ball as summer students, recruitment of the finest candidates is a top priority. Articling at Kain & Ball provides excellent experience with the advantage of being able to work closely with and learn from senior lawyers on every aspect of family law files. Summer students and articling students at Kain & Ball are often given the opportunity to attend court, mediations, settlement meetings, and arbitrations alongside the senior lawyers with whom they are working. Because of the focus on mentorship and the culture of teamwork and cooperation, Kain & Ball provides excellent training and learning experiences for all students, along with the possibility of returning as an associate.
Please send your resume, cover letter, and transcripts to:

Kain & Ball Professional Corporation
1290 Central Parkway West, Suite 402 Mississauga, Ontario L5C 4R3
Phone: (905) 273-4588 URL of Map